Some Tips On Health & Fitness

???? My friends become a vegetarian and said I should too.

It’s great that your friend has found a way of eating that suits them. However, nobody should push a specific diet on anybody. Find a style of eating that suits you and your needs.

???????? My friend says I shouldn’t run and should just stick to doing weights if I want to drop fat and get toned.

I actually once told people this too (what an idiot!). Running is great and burns lots of calories so is great for weight loss. Weight training is great for toning. Why not do both? But again, find a way of exercising that suits you – one you enjoy and can stick to.

???? My sister says if I eat too much protein I’ll get bulky and it’s also bad for my kidneys.

Protein will not make you look bulky. The idea behind including more protein into your diet is because some people don’t eat enough. Protein is great for making you feel full and it helps build and maintain muscle – something you’ll need to look toned. If you have an existing kidney condition you may have to monitor your intake but only if it’s excessive. If you haven’t got any kind of kidney condition – eat protein. Aim for 3-5 palm sized servings a day.

???? My friends doing this really cool diet where she takes these pills and swaps a meal for a shake. She’s losing weight too.

Your friend isn’t doing a cool diet! She’s losing weight because she’s eating less. Taking a meal away and replacing it with it a shake is going to give your body less calories meaning you’ll lose weight. It’s got nothing to do with the pills or a magic drink!

???????? I’ve never exercised properly before but the girls at college said I should do Crossfit with them.

If you’ve never exercised before don’t do Crossfit. Maybe give it a go further down the line when you’re a lot more experienced. For now, find someone who can get you into exercising consistently and can show you what’s best for you.

???? I made these gluten free, protein cookies. I ate them all in one go. It’s ok though as they’re really healthy.

Gluten free stuff and protein still have calories in them. Whether something is ‘healthy’ or not, you can still overeat anything. Eat too much of something and you’ll probably put on weight.

???? I’ve seen these girls on Instagram that are sponsored by these really cool clothes companies and get loads of free clothes. How do I get into that?

Most of these girls aren’t sponsored athletes and they don’t get free clothes. They get a 1% discount if they’re lucky! Focus on what’s really important to you and try not to get swept away with social media. If your dream is to become a sponsored athlete though, then go for it.

???? This dude on Instagram says he can write me a meal plan for £100. I don’t think he’s a PT or a dietician but he’s ripped.

Ignore this dude. Actually unfollow him. He shouldn’t be selling anything. Also, meal plans aren’t always the best option, remember everything needs to be specific to your goals, preferences and lifestyle. He’d probably just tell you to eat chicken, broccoli and sweet potato 5 times a day every day except Sunday, then tell you to have a cheat meal ????




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