Nutrition Tuesday

We try and keep nutrition as simple as possible here at RLF. Simple is more likely to get done, more likely to be stuck to and therefore more likely to yield results.

Most people know they should probably be eating less, less junk food and making healthier choices. It’s not that knowledge is lacking, it’s implementing it. So we came up with some tips on getting organised with your food.

1. Pick 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches and keep them the same for a whole week and then switch them up for the second week. This removes the thought process of choosing which food to eat. You can control the calories in each meal and keep them the same every day, making it easier to plan. You can prep food beforehand making it convenient.

2. Batch cook. It’s cheaper, lasts longer (you can freeze most stuff), easier and again it helps you make better choices. If the food is ready and all you have to do is heat it up you’re more likely to stick to it.

3. If you are the all or nothing type don’t have ‘trashy’ food in the house. Make it as difficult as possible to get hold of.

4. If you feel you need to have sweets, ice cream etc. in the house go for lower calorie options like 0 kcal jelly, low calorie ice cream.

5. Have good food easily accessible. A bowl of fruit in an easy to reach place, always full and food that is easy to track and grab handy.

6. Evenings, at home seem to be a time when people struggle. People aren’t generally hungry it’s a habit or boredom problem. Stay busy or if it’s late enough just got to bed, people always need more sleep!

7. If you find yourself eating out or drinking every night see if you can reduce it by 1. So… drinking 5 nights a week, try 4 instead. Small changes.

So there’s some stuff to get you started. We would love to know your simple tips that help you stay on track. Post them up below.

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