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“I have always hated photos, avoided scales and never felt comfortable with my weight or figure. I have been a member of gyms but being overweight I was always just so worried about wearing gym clothes, getting sweaty and consumed by what others may think of me!

I have been at RLF since sept 2016, I joined following losing weight on slimming world and had reached a plateau after losing 2 stone 3lb. I joined RLF in the hope to just lose a bit more weight, 9 months later I lost several inches and hit my 4 stone loss. Which felt incredible!

I’ve always been around a size 14-16 but have been bigger too. Losing this weight and getting into size 10 clothes isn’t something I ever imagined I could do.

My goals have now changed, yes I want to get trimmer, fitter, healthier however I’d also like to improve my relationship with food and move away from the vicious cycle I can get into with emotional/guilt around eating.

Through this change in lifestyle I learnt I love lifting weights and I enjoy exercise when in the right environment!

RLF is a happy, supportive place. I am not a morning person but go at least 3 times a week at 6am and manage to have a great time!

RLF is about people and everyone is there for the same reason-to be part of something, reach goals and have fun!

The coaches are good people, they are experienced, supportive and certainly know their stuff but most of all they know their clients.

This journey has now led me to the point where I recognise I now have a new lifestyle, which with no shadow of doubt would not have happened without RLF…my job now is to keep it that way.”



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