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Being Average Isn’t That Bad………..

We’ve all been there…… somehow, snackcidently, a whole bag of Kettle crisps, bottle of rum and box of Cadbury Creme Eggs fell into your mouth on a Tuesday night.

It happens….. but does it mean that everything we’ve done up to that point is undone?

Of course it doesn’t. We need to move away from the ‘lets start on Monday’ mentality and realise that nobody got out of shape of overweight on one meal or over the course of one day.

Of course there is a time and place for drastic action but 99% of people just need to calm down a little bit, focus more on long term habit changes and change their lifestyle.

Being consistent with small changes over a long period of time will always yield better, more sustainable results than rapid, drastic changes over a short period of time.

When people make a start on a new healthy lifestyle they go from zero exercise to training every day, fasted cardio, weight training, 10k steps, they remove whole food groups, usually carbs, start trying to prep all of their meals, stop drinking alcohol and a whole host of other ‘healthy’ things.

All of that is on top of their usual life, working, looking after family and having a social life…… it’s too much.

It creates too much stress, it’s not sustainable, your life will probably suck and you will probably fail and end up in the never ending cycle of ‘lets start on Monday’.

Here’s what we should do instead.

Pick a couple of things that you know you can do regularly and actually enjoy doing it.

Instead of training every day can you train 2-3 times per week?

Instead of cutting out whole food groups can you reduce portion sizes?

Can you prep food for 3 days a week?

If you only do 5k steps per day can we increase those to 7k steps per day?

Of course it’s going to take you longer to reach your goal BUT you will enjoy it more, you will make sustainable changes that you can carry on and you’ll learn a whole load of stuff along the way.

Stop starting on a Monday, unless it’s today  Stop thinking you have to be perfect, nobody is.


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